Vocal Editing

manual editing for every step

no ‘autotune’, vocalign or other automatic plug-ins.
just thoughtful hand-drawn edits where needed.

every song is approached differently

vocal editing comes down to personal taste.
pop and dance music often requires pinpoint accuracy.
Folk music often requires transparency and rawness.

tune it hard or make it sound untouched

whether you’re after that shiny pop autotune sound or a vocal that feels raw and honest, it’s all possible.

works great for pros and beginners alike

Incredible vocal performances can still benefit from editing,
and when it comes to poor performances, i’m yet to find any singer that I can’t fix.

precision timing and tightened flow

get that lead vocal or rap verse hitting right on the beat, or keep the raw feel and tastefully pull it just a little closer to the grid.

lock your backing vocals to the lead

for multi layered vocals, it can sound messy if the words are starting and finishing in different places.
Get all those harmonies and doubles sounding like one big fat single voice with precise manual editing to flex them to the shape your lead vocal.


Will sparks
poppy rose
sam bluer
universal music australia


Usually I like to show ‘before and afters’ when it comes to vocal processing.
For the sake of client privacy, I have chosen not to post raw vocals on the website.
Please send me an email to hear before/afters.
Below is a collection of finished products. Enjoy.

Tightly Edited Pop Vocals
Tuned and aligned


Moderately tuned Rock vocals


Lightly tuned Alternative Vocals
Tightly edited harmonies


Moderately Tuned Live vocals
No Timing Edits