Our award winning team can assist you in completing your compositions or even write you a song from scratch. 
This includes writing custom top lines for EDM, Rap etc.
We also have access to industry writers with major label credits and proven commercial success.


We can add instrumentation to any original or cover song, in virtually any style. 
Pop, R&B, EDM and Rock are some of our favourite genres but we're always open to a challenge.


With top of the line microphones, instruments and rack gear, we're more than equipped to record radio quality tracks at Spectrum Sound. 
For more extreme needs, we can hire one of our affiliate studios with any gear that you desire.
To view our in-house gear list, click here.


Cover videos on YouTube and Facebook are currently booming and are paving the way for a new era of original artists.
We've jumped on this bandwagon and have amassed over 5 million views collectively for our clients.
We can film anything from basic live covers in the studio to location shoots and music videos.


We can edit the timing and pitch of your recordings with absolute precision. This includes vocals, guitars, drums etc.
We believe that pitch correction on vocals is an art form, and every performance is tackled in a different way, dependant on the client's preferences and the desired sound. 
For examples of pitch correction, click here.


Mixing is an integral part of the recording process and ensures that your song is balanced, cohesive, dynamic and sonically pleasing. 
Whether the track was recorded with us or you've recorded it elsewhere, we can mix it for you or pass it along to one of our regular mixing engineers (whose credits include the likes of Carly Rae Jepson and Cody Simpson).


Mastering is the final stage of post-production. The track is sonically balanced, brought up to commercial loudness and optimised for playback on all forms of media and sound systems.
We can master your track or send it off to one of our trusted mastering engineers (whose credits include Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber and more).

Social Media Management

Building a fan base can be daunting and frustrating at times. We can help you to post the right things, at the right time, in the right places.
Media is inclusive of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


We offer lessons in songwriting, guitar, music production, audio engineering and Logic/Garageband.


For all of the above, please contact us for pricing.
Casual sessions start from just $50/hour (minimum 3 hours).