Guitar Production

Fully customised for your track

Or recorded from scratch in any style that you like

UNique playing approach to every song

Performed with emotion, precision, energy, delicacy etc.

Played on quality guitars

By a guitarist with 18 years of experience

recorded through hardware amplifiers

With tasteful analog effects (chorus, COmpression etc.)

All editing is included

stems are delivered with all the editing done.
SImply drag and drop into your project.

Recorded in stereo pairs

Where applicable, parts can be recorded twice and hard panned to the sides for a single guitar feel with a big wide sound

Mix and match

Different variations can be provided for you to mix and match.
Contrasting amp tones, picked vs plucked, soft vs loud etc.


Jordie Ireland
Tyron Hapi
steve aoki
Liam ferrari
Masked Wolf
poppy rose
universal music australia


“Jeremy went the extra mile to make sure I was happy with every element of my song, including the tonality, rhythm and dynamics of how he played the guitar on my track.
Super stoked with how it turned out - would definitely recommend!”

- Carda (Artist, Teamwrk Records)

”Jeremy is the best guitarist in Australia and will turn your song into a hit!”
- Stuart Le Brander / Illstrtd (Producer/Artist)

“Jeremy delivers concepts as a reality when he has a guitar in his hand.”
- MKC (Producer/Artist)


example 1:
Clean basic riff + subtle plucks

Here’s an example of a vocal I was given, and then the final mix.
This was done using software amps and features 3 layers.
1. A main riff (in the intro + verse)
2. Straight 3rds (in the pre chorus + verse 2)
3. Muted pluck (during build ups and verse 2)

example 2:
relaxed verse + anthemic chorus

Here’s an example of a vocal I was given, and then my first draft of guitar ideas.
Please note: This is just a rough draft. It is not produced or mixed.
It includes 10 layers of guitars for the client to mix and match.
Clean 3rds were recorded on an AC30 amp.
Distorted layers were recorded using Marshall and Mesa settings.

stereo plucks

Here’s a quick job where I was asked to produce some guitar plucks in a particular rhythm for the pre-chorus of a song.
I decided to split it into 4 stems. 2 mono stems and then a stereo pair.
This gives the illusion of a single guitar but the width of double tracking.


Example 4:
Funk Inspired Strums and Plucks

This was an almost-finished song where the client wanted to add some real guitars on top, to give the song an organic feel.
Again, this is a bunch of layers that he was given to mix and match (he picked 3 of them for the final mix).
Guitar levels have been exaggerated for you to hear.


from $100*

For simple jobs, the base cost is $100 AUD.
This includes up to 2 guitar parts for 2 sections of your song.
‘Example 1’ would fit into this category.

For more complex genres or for additional layering, please contact me for a quote.

*In some cases where I’m writing original material, I may also ask for a small cut of publishing royalties.