We have access to a range of studios with almost any gear imaginable. However, at Spectrum Sound we house the following:

iMac (x2)
MacBook (x2)

Logic X
Pro Tools 12
Waves, Native Instruments, Izotope, Autotune + many more
300GB+ of High Quality Samples

Focusrite Liquid Channel
Avid Eleven Rack (x2)
Line 6 POD
Samson D-1500 Realtime Spectrum Analyser
Furman M10X-E (x2)

Taylor 314CE Acoustic Guitar
Fender Telecaster (1972 Reissue)
Fender American Standard Strat (50th Anniversary)
Fender American Standard Strat (60th Anniversary)
Fender Deluxe Jazz Bass V
Ernie Ball Music Man Sting Ray 5 Bass
Schecter Omen-6

UMX61 MIDI Controller

Manley Reference Cardioid
Rode NTK
Rode NT5 (x2)
Shure Drum Mics (including SM57)
AKG 214
Blue Baby Bottle

Pearl Masters MCX Drum Kit (Maple)
Pearl Reference Drum Kit (Maple/Mahogany)*
Pearl Sensitone Steel Snare 14x5
Pearl Reference Brass Snare 14x6.5
Tama SLP G-Bubinga Snare 14x6

Zildjian A Custom Hi Hats (14") 
Zildjian A Custom Crash (17")
Zildjian A Custom Crash (18")
Zildjian K Custom Hybrid Ride (20")
Sabian HH Medium Hi Hats (14")
Sabian HHX Ozone Crash (18")
Sabian AAX Splash (10")
Sabian AAX Air Splash (8")

Sabian AA Metal-X HiHats (14")*
Sabian AAXplosion Crash (16")*
Sabian AAXplosion Crash (18")*
Sabian AA Rock Ride (21")*
Sabian HHXplosion Crash (19")*
Sabian HHXtreme China (19")*
Sabian AAX Max Splashes (7" and 9")*

* = Only available for approved session musicians